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Heart-warming: They Had Twins after 32 Years of Infertility

Published on Tuesday March 30th, 2021

The Mevakshei Emunah community Rabbi gave a recent interview to Hamevaser newspaper, where he voiced heartfelt praise to God. After waiting for 32 years for the birth of a child, he and his wife were blessed with twins. "32 years have passed since our wedding day, back in the month of Shevat 5739, up until today, when I earned the merit of hugging my twin daughters, on Adar II 12, 5771.

The years that transpired in the interim were long and tense. We waited, filling our days with constant prayers and supplications to the Master of the Universe. To be exact, during 32 years and two months we had to rise each morning with the renewed will to keep on going and not give up. We prayed, we waited and we hoped, "said the Rabbi in the interview.

"It is impossible to describe how broken and how grieved we felt," says the Rabbi. We were often overwhelmed by sadness. The biggest danger hovering over our heads was despair. Many people tried to discourage us, including the doctors and medical personnel. But nonetheless, we continued to pray, hope, and request blessings from Tzadikim. We also tried many Segulot.

After thirty years, I almost gave in to despair, although I knew in my heart that no power and nobody could bring me down. So, I strengthened myself with added resolve and implored God, praised be He. I repeated the same formula: "There is no despair in the world at all". I repeated the parable of our Sages: "Even if a sword is placed on a man’s neck, he must never relinquish compassion". I decided to make a commitment to pray and cry every day of my life by the tomb of Rachel Imenu, who had also suffered barrenness for many years. Up until she gave birth to Yosef and Binyamin, thanks to divine munificence.  And I read the entire book of Psalms on each visit.

For an entire year, I visited the sacred tomb of "Mama Rachel" (Rachel our matriarch) and I completed the entire book of Tehillim every day. I implored the Master of the universe to give us the privilege of having a child.

At the end of the first year of constant supplications and Psalms, the evil inclination tried to undermine my spirit. Thoughts of despair began to seep into my heart: "A whole year, you visited the tomb every morning. And you have not witnessed deliverance, it is a decree from Heaven. Why continue to pray and beg? But nevertheless, I continued to strengthen myself and decided to pursue my daily visits to the Tomb of Rachel Imeinu and complete the entire book of Tehillim every morning.

At the end of the second year, on Adar II, 12, 5771, the wonderful news arrived: God gave us twin girls!

I learned a great lesson that I warmly recommend to anyone who needs deliverance. First, it is strictly forbidden to give in to despair! Whatever the hardships that man may endure, he must never give up. He must reinforce himself with simple faith in the One who said: "And the world was” The Holy One blessed be He is omnipotent and He has the power to change the order of Creation!

Secondly, we must learn about the power of prayer. We must pray, pray and pray again. Without prayer, man receives nothing! A man’s prayer can produce miracles and wonders. The problem is that people ignore the value of prayer. Prayer is one of the most awesome things, but men neglect it. When a man becomes aware of this power, he can literally move mountains and bring deliverance to himself and to the world”, concludes the Rabbi.

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