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9 Extraordinary Functions of the Liver

Published on Wednesday March 24th, 2021

1. The liver is the largest organ, after the skin, of the human body. It is not possible to live without a liver.

2. The liver is big, it is about the size of a football. It is located under the ribs, on the right side above the stomach.

3. The liver weighs on average  3,30 lbs in adults and about 1,10 lbs in babies and children. When the fetus is in its eighth week of creation, the size of its liver is proportionally huge and constitutes 50% of its total weight.

4. The liver is responsible for 500 functions. Some of these include, fighting against infections; treating food digested by the intestines; the secretion of bile, a material that helps digest food; storing iron, vitamins, and other vital chemicals; controlling levels of fats, glucose (sugar) and folic acid in the blood; the purification of poisons and the separation of substances harmful to the body; producing energy quickly when needed; storing vitamins, minerals and sugars if necessary; controlling cholesterol production and its separation; transforming alcoholic substances; storing iron; monitoring and controlling a suitable rate of many chemicals and drugs in the blood.

5. The main enemy of the liver is alcohol: about 25% of all body diseases are the result of alcohol consumption.

6. The liver is a waste treatment plant. It is important to understand that the human body is constantly exposed to infections that enter through the respiratory, digestive and skin systems, and challenge the functioning of the liver. The liver fights against alcohol damage, poisoned waste, cigarette smoke, industrial smoke, a very fatty diet, pesticides, cosmetics, household products, a deficient diet and medications. The liver also fights steroids, oxidative products that release the hormone cortisol, and other free radicals produced in the process of material conversions in the body. When there is an accumulation of poison in the blood and tissues, it can create liver function disorders, and as a result, problems occur in the cells and various body systems.

7. Too much poison in the body does not allow the liver to function properly, and because of this, its vital functions are damaged. When the liver is damaged, various diseases can occur cirrhosis, liver cancer, hepatitis, steatohepatitis or liver failure.

8. Tips for cleaning the liver: reduce the consumption of processed foods, raw foods, and foods high in sugar and carbohydrates, and replace them with large amounts of green leaf foods, and fresh fruits, cereals, legumes and foods rich in Omega 3.

In addition, it is important to increase water consumption and avoid drinking drinks containing sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

9. Liver cells regenerate themselves. The liver has a rare faculty: self-healing. The liver has an exceptional ability to recreate itself. It is possible to remove up to ¾ of the liver and the rest will grow over time in proportion and according to its original form.


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