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A Soldier Saves a Mother and Her Three Children from an Arab Village

Published on Wednesday September 29th, 2021

A special operation on behalf of the organization "Yad L'achim" was carried out recently: the rescue of a Jewish mother and her three children. This was an ending for a story that began more than fifteen years ago. Our heroine was convinced that it was unlikely that she would ever be saved.

The story begins 15 years ago. A young Arab was working in Israel as an illegal immigrant, and he met Yael X and they eventually married. After their marriage the Arab and Yael lived alternatively in Israel and in a Samarian village under Palestinian control. When her husband was arrested by the police for being an illegal resident, he was sent back to a Palestinian-controlled territory, and the couple then moved to his family's home in a Palestinian village. After a while, they would come back to Israel etc. About ten years ago, their oldest son was born, and over the following years, two more children were born.

The promises that Yael received before her marriage soon gave way to bitter disappointments. Her husband left the house for long periods, leaving her alone and locked in their home months at the time, without work. When he returned home after many long months, he made her life hard and treated her violently.

For the past several months and thanks to the interest of a soldier, Yael has had the privilege of returning to her Jewish origins. A few months ago, Yael passed through one of the roadblocks on a road in Samaria. A young female soldier who checked her ID, saw her Israeli name, and asked her how she lived in such a place and if she was happy. Yael thanked her and told her that it was very difficult, but that she did not know what to do and she asked the soldier to help her. Yael gave the soldier her phone number, which she immediately passed on to the organization 'Yad L'achim,' and they made contact with Yael. The process then began for her to abandon the village and her difficult life.

The complex rescue operation was successfully completed, and it was only once Yael and her children were safely in Israel, that Yad Leachim's rescue team took her to the police station to file a complaint about the violence to which she had been subjected. She was then taken to a secret apartment prepared in advance, where a warm and tasty meal awaited her. At the same time, her Arab husband came to the police station near his home to report the disappearance of his wife and children. The police officer who registered his complaint was surprised to find out that he was in fact a subject of investigation.

He was arrested on the spot and taken to court to prolong his detention and to launch a further investigation into the matter.

These days, Yael's children are taking their first steps into the world of Judaism. Let us pray that in the near future, when all her fear will be eliminated, Yael will be able to integrate into the world of work and start a new life.

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