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Mazal Tov! In your arms Is a Soft Blue Package!

Published on Wednesday September 29th, 2021

Dear mother,

Mazal Tov! Mazal tov! You are holding a soft blue package in your arms! A precious neshama with an enormous potential: your little boy has the strength to grow into a Gadol Hador, an outstanding pillar of his generation. Your newborn, nestled comfortably between your arms, could become the Chofetz Chaim of this generation, through his behavior and his Torah! In eight days, he will connect with Avraham Avinu. This most valuable distinction will be marked in his flesh. He will officially become part of the eternal Jewish nation.

With all the joy and emotion that are brought to life during these days, one cannot understand why tears flow freely, and there is no sense in stopping them. Take a break, get comfortable and close your eyes. Listen to yourself. This little baby who is now sleeping, eating and crying by your side, lived inside of you for nine months. By becoming an independent person, he then detaches himself from you. This sensation is sometimes confusing and not always pleasant. Sometime mothers are happy to be able to examine their baby and hold them in their arms, something they could not do during pregnancy. Others, still, are caught in between these two feelings. The strength of this sensation is remarkable and unique. You are constantly reminded that your baby is the most beautiful in the world, and that he is together with you. Let that thought cheer you up and make you feel better. Repeat it to yourself constantly. He is soft and is so happy to snuggle up in your arms.

The day of the Brit Milah is approaching fast. You have chosen a great Mohel, and everything will be fine. Today he will receive two extraordinary gifts: a new status, that of prince, and a name. Yes, the name that will become his today is a gift you and his father bestow upon him, as Hashem inspires you with his light. May the name you have chosen for him be that of a grandfather, or a Rav, or even simply a beautiful name. Be aware that it is Hashem who led you to ensure that this specific neshama is given that specific name. The name of a person is the essence of his neshama. Take a closer look at the word “neshama”, the two middle letters form the word shem (name). The two outer letters, nun and hey, are the acronym of the expression Ner Hashem, the candle, the light of Hashem (as heard from Rav Pesach Krohn).

I don't know why, but of all ceremonies, the one that moves me the most is a Brit Milah. Perhaps because it symbolizes introduction to life, perhaps because the main actor is a cute little baby, and perhaps for other reasons. I am not someone who will easily shed a tear, but I can cry every time I’m at a Brit. Especially when it's my son who’s going through this important phase in life. However, I have to admit that I like these tears. I get a feeling they support me. Remember this, dear mother, when your baby is crying during the Brit, cry with him. The doors of Heaven are opened to receive your tears and those of the ones who are with you on this big day. It is a time to pray and beg the heavens that your son, this little creature, not even exceeding 50 cm and 5 kg, will reach his full potential and honor Hashem. This is your time to plead to have the strength to raise and educate him in the ways of The Torah and its highest morals. It is also the time to seek the mercy of God to deliver you from the heavy burdens. It’s finally time to call to Hashem so that you yourself can grow, so that you can be a good mother, a good wife, and a Princess of Israel according to his will, constantly evolving.

At the ceremony, we wish the parents: “As you have introduced him to the alliance of Avraham Avinu, may you introduce him to the Torah, to the Chuppah, and Ma’asim Tovim.”

Rav Nachum Diamant, a Mohel himself, gave an explanation that I found very moving: “Once the Brit Milah is completed, one cannot turn back. Just as this mitzvah is permanently engraved, the blessing for the parents is that the education and the Torah they will give the newborn will mark him in the same way.”

Mazal Tov, dear mother! Let your tears flow and you will feel better, and at the same time, let happiness light up your heart. Because after all, the baby you are holding in your arms is the most beautiful baby in the world! Zeh Hakatan Gadol Yihyeh! May this little one become a great man!

I wish you only the best.

Sarah SAGHROUN - © Torah-Box Account

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