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Daesh: Hope in Redemption

Published on Tuesday December 22th, 2020

If you question people who witnessed the early years of the creation of the State of Israel, they will testify that our current time is reminiscent of the beginning days of the State. Those were days filled with horror. Ruthless and primitive Arabs killed Jews without distinction, organizing attacks in Jewish localities and raiding homes by day and by night to commit ruthless massacres.

This feeling of being exposed as easy terror targets petrifies the country's inhabitants through these challenging times: people walk down the street, looking over their shoulder, searching for bloodthirsty creatures appearing from nowhere, ready to attack...

Young people ask many questions about their fears and anxiety regarding the security situation and wonder what they can do. They also question why the people of Israel are still being persecuted? They often feel paralyzed by a feeling of despair. In the Diaspora, Jews are enduring

persecutions and senseless killings. The answer one must give them is: you can be afraid, yes! But never give in to feelings of despair and succumb into nothingness. No, not that!

It is permissible to be afraid

We are living in a period preceding the coming of the Mashiach, according to the great sages of the Torah. This is how it manifests in the words of our Sages, of blessed memory. They prophesied step by step the events currently unfolding. This period is called Ikveta Demashiah, it is a period of sorrow and uncertainty before of the coming of Mashiah, as described in the holy books. Before the coming of the Mashiach, there will emerge a process of purification of evil. As part of this process, the nations of the world are clashing against each other. In the middle of this madness, the identified problem are the Jewish people, which everyone blames and targets. It looks like a ship capsizing in a tumultuous ocean. At the end of this period, King Mashiach will step in to save the Jewish people and expurgate its enemies.

So why are we experiencing these difficulties? The answer is: to improve our actions. For when the final redemption happens, evil and malicious actions will be totally eradicated.

The holy books explain that the Creator currently sends messengers to awaken the Jewish people and give them a chance to improve their actions. These envoys come disguised as trials and diseases endured by men. If we do not grasp the message, the Creator increases the intensity of the hardships, spiraling into a deadly level of terror in the world and in our streets, God forbid!

As a result, wise men will exploit these dreadful days to strengthen themselves in the realm of spirituality and rejoice over the privilege of being able to see the light of truth and the messages sent by Hashem. They will prepare themselves to confront the process of redemption, which is knocking on our doors.

Never despair!

Any wise person observing the events of last few years, is overcome with joy and trust in the Master of the Universe.

The world is in a state of agitation and tumult. Arab nations are engrossed in wars among themselves, hundreds of thousands of men perish in conflicts, the Daesh monster freely massacres everyone on its path. All this transpires around us, and near our borders. But Am Israel, a small nation living in a tiny country, enjoys relative tranquility. This situation does not only apply to recent years but is equally true of previous years at the time of the creation of the State. A tiny country surrounded by hundreds of thousands of bloodthirsty Arabs, who desire to annihilate us and see us drown in the depths of the ocean. Powerful nations fearlessly declare their intention to destroy this small portion of land. However, this country is in some ways an island of peace, progress and abundance. We do not lack anything.

Anyone with a head on their shoulders realizes that we are indeed protected by the God of Israel. It is true that He sends events to shake us up from our inertia, but He protects us all the same, He does not abandon us.

It is true that every drop of Jewish blood shed by the actions of bloodthirsty terrorists is painful to us. But if we realize that everything comes from Heaven, that the world stage is directed by a Master who oversees all events and that His actions are motivated by the desire that we earn enough merits to witness the final redemption, the Geula, these thoughts ought to soothe our spirit. On the one hand, the Creator shakes us up from our sleep. But on the other, this awakening is engulfed in great mercy so that we may witness the ultimate Geula speedily approaching.

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