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Don't Look Any Further: Anti-Semitism Makes No Sense

Published on Wednesday August 4th, 2021

Confusion was noticeable when radio presenter promptly claimed: “Suppose that the Muslim world hates us. However, how is it possible to understand the hatred towards the Jewish nation in countries like Sweden, Denmark, England, or even the united States?

“It’s obvious.” answered the interviewee, a professor of Jewish history in one of Israel’s university’s, “We call this phenomenon anti-Semitism. And it’s definitely not new.”

Anti-Semitism isn’t a new phenomenon. The first signs of anti-Semitism occurred at the times of the Persians approximately one hundred years before the beginning of the common era. In our times, speaking about anti-Semitism provokes unpleasant reaction. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, if there exists a certain hatred towards the Jews in the history of humanity. Generation upon generation, we are confronted with an unrealistic situation, and that implies that there is something different in the Jewish nation.

Well above its significance for the Jewish nation, we must understand what meaning it has for the non-Jews. Anti-Semitism is defined by a total lack of logic. The hatred of the Muslim world towards the Jews can, in a certain setting, be driven by political and religious differences. Then again, what can we say about intelligent Swedish men, cultured English men or the refined Frenchmen?

The proof that this hatred is not based on any reason and illogic can bring any non-religious Israeli to realize that our world isn’t truly a civilized world. We are starting to understand that underneath these false appearances, there is a visceral and deeply rooted hatred independent of culture and intelligence. In fact, there is no need to find reason to hate the Jews, given that this hatred lasts, even though the reasons alter or even disappear. This confirms an evident fact that they hate us, because they H-A-T-E us.

When we come to this obvious conclusion that the Western world is also infected by this virus called anti-Semitism, we shouldn’t be surprised by the civilized and moral degree of this “Western world”. If the Western world isn’t a beacon of morality at all times, we subsequently have the right to ask ourselves the following question: why must we look up to them as an example of morals, and force our admiration onto them?

One who draws his way of thinking from the Torah world doesn’t become concerned by the Western world’s values, because it doesn’t allot much importance to the morality of what we call “the civilized world”.

However, those who are used to seeing mathematicians, specialists, engineers or scientists, find themselves in an extraordinary frightening paradox which could blur their vision of a perfect world.

I remember a book written by two Jewish researchers (Groaire and Halperin, “anti-Semitism: origins and consequences”) who tried to analyze the phenomenon called anti-Semitism by using rational and logic methods. It was a thorough endeavour, as they analyzed the different reasons that initiated anti-Semitism throughout the history of humanity. At the research’s culmination, they found no less than 118 causes helping to define the origin of anti-Semitism.

Each reason seemed perfectly logical, natural and sometimes very convincing. At a certain point, when you arrive at the end of the book, you discover how irrational it is. In your opinion, which nation do you think could offer 118 valid reasons to be hated?

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