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Moving Story: Steward Puts on Tefillin and Celebrates His Bar-Mitzvah

Published on Friday May 3th, 2019

A Chabad Chassid traveled by plane to a friend's engagement. During the flight he circulated with his Tefillin, proposing to the Jewish passengers to done Tefillin, to give them the privilege of accomplishing this remarkable Mitzvah. The flight attendants then asked him to stop and return to his place.

They called the steward to assist them. The latter, who was the director of the flight, inquired what the Chassid was doing, and during the conversation, he suddenly discovered that he was Jewish according to Halacha, since his mother was Jewish.

The Chassid continued to talk to the steward, who told him that he had never celebrated his Bar Mitzvah or put on Tefillin. The steward agreed to put on tefillin at the request of the Lubavitcher Chasid. The Jews improvised a Bar-Mitzvah celebration which included, donning Tefillin, reciting Shema in Hebrew and English!

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