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Thank you, Hillel Got Married Thanks to You!

Published on Tuesday May 5th, 2020

Dear internet users and members of the Torah-Box Organization,

For several weeks, Torah-Box raised money to fundraise the marriage of young Hillel, a child from a divorced and underprivileged family, following the request of Rav Grossman and Rav Gobert.

With the help of Hashem, many of you were able to donate, and we raised the needed amount to organize an honorable wedding.

His wedding took place on January 15, 2019, and the Chatan thanks you with his most sincere blessings!

Thank you to all of you who participated in all kinds of ways. Thank you to those who made small and big donations, to those who prayed for him and to all who cared to know how the collection was going for this young man.

As Rav David Pinto once explained on Torah-Box: "The greatest Tzedakah (charity) is to help a needy couple get married. The reward in Heaven is immense!

Indeed, G-d willing, the couple will merit having children, and by helping them to get married, we have perpetuated the life of the People of Israel. Moreover, Mashiach will not come until all the souls under the Heavenly Throne have come down. In helping the needy to get married, the coming of Moshiach is hastened."

On the day of their marriage, apart from the few friends who were present, there were those that they did not know: yourselves who brought a stone to the construction of this young home.


P.S: together with this message, we have attached a photo of the young groom as per his request, to thank you for your immense generosity! Account

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