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The Bed Filled With Bills: Those Who Give Receive!

Published on Tuesday November 5th, 2019

The Markowitz family from Tel Aviv decided, after the death of their father, to donate his bed to the needy. The bed was a sophisticated massage bed with an infrared lamp to relieve pain. It is a bed worth about 15,000 Shekels [around 4,000 Dollars].

"Some friends have suggested selling the bed and making a lot of money," the son stated “but I told them that my father spent his life giving, so I wanted to donate his bed. In the past, we have benefited greatly from the help of Yad Sarah. I called them and they came to pick up the bed. "

When Mr. Erand, director of the Yad Sarah Bed Warehouse, saw the bed, he began to check its state and if it works, so he plugged it in. When he lifted it to look for an electric cable, he found a zipper. Upon opening it, he discovered, to his great surprise, a large sum of money (tens of thousands of dollars), gold jewelry, and watches.

To his astonishment, he told the direction of the organization to hurry and find the donor of the bed. A few hours later, Avi Markowitz was on his way to Jerusalem.

The son got emotional and explained that his father was a famous goldsmith. "We are so excited to have found these family jewels. In addition to their financial value, these jewels also have great sentimental value. If we had sold the bed, we would never have recovered these items! "

By the merit of the Tzedakah made by this family, the value of the bed was fully reimbursed ... and more! Those who give, receive!

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