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The Singer Omer Adam Refuses to Sing on Shabbat

Published on Tuesday November 17th, 2020

Singer Omer Adam has sanctified the Divine Name in public when in the midst of negotiations for performances at festival of Chanukah (Festigal), he declared that he was not ready to sing on Shabbat, not even for the offered amount of a million and a half shekel.

It's been a long time since the 23-year-old singer did not perform any shows on Shabbat, but his determined commitment to the festival set a unique precedent, which was something that other well-intentioned people had not managed to achieve before him, like Ninette Taieb or Sarit Hadad.

It should be noted that in the past, the management of the festival used to honor actors and singers who asked to respect Shabbat and did not make public appearances on Shabbat. However, clips of these singers were screened on huge screens in order to satisfy the appetite of the "monster" known as showbiz.

But this time, it's official. It has been decided that if Omer Adam does not perform on Shabbat, no one else will do it. Thanks to him, there will be no more Festival performances during Shabbat, something that hasn’t happened in many years.

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